Elon Musk Clarifies That He Makes Final Decisions on Twitter Posts

Elon Musk recently admitted to his staff on a Zoom meeting that he will continue to make final decisions on what gets posted to Twitter, despite appointing a Content Moderation Council for the platform.

In a recent report from TMZ, the publication obtained notes from the meeting confirming that the Musk gets the final say in the content shared on Twitter. He doubles down on this after he said that any additional evidence pointing towards the contrary is “simply not true.” In his own words, Musk voiced and clarified the role of the Content Moderation Council,

“I wanna just be clear about, we are gonna do a content council, but it’s an advisory council. They’re not the ones who actually—at the end of the day it will be me deciding it and any pretense to the contrary is simply not true. Because at the end of the day I can choose who’s on it, that content council, and I don’t need to listen to what they say.”

The news comes just after Donald Trump was reinstated on Twitter a few days ago.

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