Fans can't get enough of Mrs Li Ronghao

Six years after her last concert here, Taiwanese actress-singer Rainie Yang met her Singapore fans for the first time as Mrs Li at her Youth Lies Within Live In Singapore concert on Saturday.

And like besties who have not seen one another in ages, her enthusiastic fans wanted all the details of her marriage to Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao in September.

The 4,000-strong crowd cheered loudly during a video segment, when Yang was asked if she had fantasised about how she might be proposed to. Her answer: “I won’t daydream about this.”

The 35-year-old later addressed the audience and elaborated: “Little did I know that two years into this concert tour, my situation would become different.”

Her romance with Li was the one topic fans refused to let go of during the show, with some shouting his name repeatedly.

When Yang asked the crowd in jest if they wanted her to sing Li Bai, one of Li’s hits, the thunderous applause led her to retort jokingly: “Whose fans are you? No, his songs are very difficult to sing.”

On the cusp of marking her 20th year in show business, Yang has nonetheless retained an endearing sense of playfulness, perhaps a remnant from her early days in the Taiwanese quartet 4 In Love. She performed the girl group’s most famous song, 1001 Wishes, during the show.



The Star Theatre/Last Saturday

Her concert, which lasted more than 2½ hours, covered much ground, with older hits such as Ambiguous Love and Ideal Lover, newer material such as Traces Of Time In Love and The Lesson Of Love, as well as a cover of the Cantonese song Cold Rainy Night, which she sang on the singing programme Masked Singer China 2 in 2016.

Her melodious, resonant voice was best suited for mid-tempo numbers such as Rainie Love, carrying the emotions without excessive dramatic flourishes.

Her faster songs, such as Hello! Future, were much less memorable and it was good she kept these to a minimum.

She came down from the stage twice and, at one point, walked down the aisles in a sharp-looking red pantsuit to get close to fans. She reminded them to take only flattering photos of her from a high angle.

While married and all grown up, the singer is still relatable and does not take herself too seriously.

She said: “No matter who I become, the most important thing is that you have accompanied me all the way. Thank you.”

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