'Fast & Furious' Producer Wants Franchise to Return to "Where We Started"

The Fast & Furious franchise is gearing up for its tenth installment, but it appears that producer Neal Moritz wants to scale back the premise of the film.

Over the years, the franchise has taken a turn to become one of the more outlandish action-driving series. In a recent interview on The Town with Matthew Belloni, Moritz discussed his hopes for the franchise and the direction he wants to take the next film. In particular, he hopes to “go smaller,” having sent Ludacris‘ character to space in F9. He explains, “Honestly, I think going forward I’d like to actually go smaller. And I’d like to kind of start to go back to where we started. I think that’s an interesting way to go. I like to zig and then zag. I like to try and do something different and I think that’s what audiences demand these days.”

In the past twenty years, the series has expanded and grown from the original storyline quite a bit. The main franchise is slated to end on February 2024 with the release of Fast & Furious 11. Moritz has not confirmed if there will be other installments stating, “Let’s make a great movie and then we’ll figure out the next one.”

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