FISK Celebrates the Iranian New Year With the Latest Nowruz Collection

New Years celebrations typically ring on the eve of January 1. For Iranians, and parts of the Middle East, China, India, Turkey and the Caucuses, the festivities begin at the vernal equinox, which this year arrives on 2:24pm PT on March 20 — ushering in the year 1402 on the Solar Hijri calendar. Nowruz as it’s known, translates in Farsi to “New Day” and represents an opportunity for renewal and growth.

FISK founder Bijan Berahimi started his annual Nowruz collection as a way to connect with members of the Iranian diaspora, while educating the surrounding community about this ancient tradition. For this year’s capsule, Berahimi presents a range of tees and longsleeves, as well as a blanket, zine, hats and tea glasses all designed in his signature floral aesthetic.

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“For the 1402 collection, we really wanted to emphasize the literal translation of Nowruz which is ’New Day’,” Berahimi told Hypebeast. “Spring symbolizes rebirth and feels like a metaphor and rallying cry for the current movement happening in Iran after the murder of Mahsa Amini. Nowruz is a holiday that is about cleansing and turning a new page, which is what I hope for a new Iran.”

Highlights of the collection also include a timeless brown corduroy jacket and matching pants, as well as pink Jacquard iteration. “Designing the collection is something I look forward to every year. Each item in the collection represent aspects of my childhood, from the tea cup which pays homage to drinking chai (tea) during mehmoonis (parties), to the blanket which was inspired by the rugs my father would bring back from Iran. While the garments in the collection create an opportunity for me to forge a contemporary take on my heritage,” Berahimi added.

Check out the full collection at FISK’s webstore.

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