Hot Toys x Sideshow Release Collectible Figurine Based on ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Hot Toys and Sideshow have launched a new toy for fans of Thor Ragnarok. The brand-new Thor Sixth Scale Collectible Figure features the unique design and costume of the superhero based on Marvel Studios’ upcoming new film Thor: Love and Thunder, out in the United States on July 8.

The collectible is carefully modeled after Chris Hemsworth’s appearance. The figurine wears a red cape and blue and gold body armor with a special LED function. According to Sideshow, the figure’s head sculpt was painted with a “luminous reflective effect” to accentuate Thor’s thunder power.

Two different versions of the collectible are available: the standard collector version and a deluxe edition that includes Thor’s helmet and iconic Stormbreaker ax. The standard collector version is priced at $315 USD, while the deluxe edition goes for $356 USD.

The figurine is available for purchase on Sideshow’s online store. Hot Toys and Sideshow plan to unveil an additional bonus accessory that will ship with Thor soon.

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