IKEA Japan Is Renting "Tiny Homes" in Tokyo for Under $1 USD a Month

IKEA Japan is currently looking for residents to fill its 10m² tiny homes located in the central Shinjuku district of Tokyo for just ¥99 JPY (approximately $0.86 USD) a month

As people continue to gravitate towards the big city, space has become increasingly limited in the most populous urban area in the world. As capsule hotels and co-living spaces pop up in the city, IKEA Japan looks to provide solutions for Tokyo’s population of more than 14 million residents, introducing cozy “Tiny Homes” that maximize comfort and functionality.

While the apartments are a mere 10 square meters, a high ceiling allows for different space-saving tricks by splitting the space into an upper sleeping level and a general living room and kitchenette bottom area. A variety of versatile IKEA pieces are installed including an IVAR storage system with adjustable shelves, an extendable MUDDUS drop leaf table, a TROTTEN trolley/coffee table, and a VALLENTUNA sofa bed module. A wifi Speaker lamp, string lights, throw pillows, and plants brighten up the space for a cozy atmosphere.

To introduce the homes, IKEA Japan has released a four-episode series featuring the company’s famous cartoon shark real estate agent BLÅHAJ. The first three episodes have been released on Youtube with the final act to debut soon. The apartments will be available until January 15, 2023, and applications are open to IKEA family members here.

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