K-pop fans tell media to let singer Kang Daniel woo Twice singer Jihyo in peace

Here is a chance for Singapore fans of Kang Daniel, 22, to find out more about his love life.

The Korean singer is meeting fans here on Aug 16, and they can ask him about the progress of his courtship of Jihyo, 22, a member of popular Korean girl group Twice.

South Korean media outlet Dispatch has reported that the two have been dating for more than seven months, after they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.

The two singers, in a bid to avoid snooping eyes, meet in his home whenever they can find time.

Dispatch published photographs that show Jihyo turning up at Kang’s home in her white Mercedes while wearing a surgical mask to conceal her identity.

The duo reportedly met on the day before she left the country for Twice’s world tour and on the day after she flew back.

Jihyo was said to have linked up with Kang, a former member of boyband Wanna One, after his solo debut showcase on July 25.

K-pop fans, while happy over the celebrity pairing, have appealed to the media to let the couple develop their relationship out of the public eye, and not publish more photographs.

They said Kang, after a bitter dispute with his previous agency over control of his career, does not need further distraction now that he is forging his own path.

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