Kit Kat’s Pumpkin Pie-Flavored Wafers Are Back

As summer comes to an end, Kit Kat is bringing back its seasonal Pumpkin Pie creme-covered wafers. Fall is the season for turning leaves, a new NFL season, and a variety of pumpkin-flavored food and drinks such as Nissin’s “Pumpkin Spice” cup noodles and Kraft’s Pumpkin Spice mac and cheese.

While there may be mixed feelings about the flavor of the season, Kit Kat’s Pumpkin Pie is a highly sought-after rendition. According to the Instagram account @junkfoodonthego, the limited-edition flavor in bags of miniature-sized wafers can be found at Ralph’s grocery store. The smaller-sized bites boast a creamier texture and pack a potent amount of pumpkin spice-infused flavor.

Head over to your nearest Ralph’s grocery to grab a 9.7-ounce bag which retails for $3.79 USD.

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