Klay Thompson Could Make His Awaited Return on January 9

Klay Thompson could possibly return to the court for the Golden State Warriors‘ Sunday game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to reports, a final decision will not be made until after the team’s games against the Dallas Mavericks and the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday and Thursday. Both the franchise and Thompson are supposedly targeting either Sunday’s game or the January 18 game against the Detroit Pistons, however there’s “increased optimism” that he will return on Sunday if no major problems will occur in the following days. Coach Steve Kerr previously confirmed that the player will be part of the starting lineup.

Thompson will hit the road with the Warriors this week and travel to Dallas and New Orleans, then return to San Francisco to rest before the game against the Cavs.

“We are looking forward to getting Klay back,” Draymond Green said on Monday. “That takes this team to another level. We are extremely excited about that, but nobody is expecting it to just be seamless. You want to try to make it as seamless as you possibly can, but there is no way to guarantee that.”

Thompson has been recovering from a torn left ACL that occurred during Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals and a right Achilles tear during a workout in November 2020.

Elsewhere in sports, the Brooklyn Nets are “hopeful” that Kyrie Irving will make his season debut on Wednesday’s game.
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