Klipsch Audio Unveils Its Magnum Opus – The $35,000 USD Jubilee Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch has just unveiled its magnum opus and ultimate listening experience for ardent audiophiles — the Jubilee floorstanding speaker. The largest speaker from Klipsch, the Jubilee was the final project worked on by founder Paul W. Klipsch before he passed away in 2002. While he was unable to see his dream through in creating the successor to the Klipschorn, modern technology has now made that vision possible.

The Jubilee is a fully horn-loaded two-way loudspeaker that incorporates the latest acoustic technology. There’s even a patented vented low-frequency enclosure and an all-new compression driver. Each speaker is crafted in Hope, Arkansas, and made from the choice of American Walnut or Black Ash. On the inside sits two 12-inch woofers with three four-inch ports, and the horn-loaded compression driver made with a 7-inch AxiPeriodic titanium diaphragm.

The speakers are absolutely massive standing at 5′8″ in height, 4’ wide, and 2’6” deep, weighing 405 pounds each. Priced at $35,000 USD for a set of two, each speaker is built to order.

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