Literally Just 29 Of The Funniest Moments From "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

1.When Jake tried his hardest to find a perfect match for Amy:

2.When Captain Wuntch came to visit:

3.When Charles thought it’d be fun to surprise Captain Holt:

4.When Gina absolutely could not cope:

5.When Captain Holt let go of his inhibitions:

6.When things got a little competitive on Halloween Heist:

7.When Jake did the same thing over and over, expecting a different result:

8.When Captain Holt wasn’t afraid to defend himself with humor:

9.When Doug Judy popped up out of nowhere:

10.And when Jake looked at Trudy Judy’s booty:

11.When Terry and Amy created the perfect break room:

12.When Terry shared his workout routine:

13.When Amy and Holt got a little ~too~ intimate:

14.When Gina knew just how good her burns were:

15.When Scully met a celebrity:

16.When Jake was in charge for a week:

17.And when Rosa and Santiago couldn’t contain themselves:

18.When Rosa wasn’t afraid to speak her mind:

19.When Captain Holt took his work seriously:

20.When Terry and Captain Holt had the most natural conversation ever:

21.When Gina knew her worth:

22.As well as everyone else in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine universe:

23.When Jake provided his expert medical opinion:

24.And when Captain Holt went through a bit of a rough patch:

25.When Jake taught this important lesson during the holiday season:

26.When Captain Holt performed an iconic drum roll:

27.When Terry wore many hats:

28.When Charles was obsessed with Jake and Amy’s relationship:

29.And when Captain Holt didn’t have time for poor grammar:

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