Lori Loughlin Makes a Rare Appearance on Olivia Jade's YouTube Channel as She Tries to Put College Admissions Scandal Behind Her

After serving time in prison and completing her community service for her involvement in the college admissions scandal, Lori Loughlin has done a slow, calculated launch back into public life. It’s so subtle that many people have missed the PR strategy. Now that the 58-year-old actress is back on daughter Olivia Jade’s YouTube channel, Loughlin might be prepping everyone for bigger things to come in 2023. 

The social media star included her mom in her latest vlog titled, “morning routine & getting organized for holidays.” The mother-daughter duo do normal activities like shopping for Christmas wrapping paper at Rite Aid — a very relatable holiday excursion. Loughlin even jokes, “I’m Olivia’s assistant.” Of course she’s not, but she’s a cool mom, not a regular mom. Fans even got to peep her new hair color which Jade pointed out for her viewers to admire. 


The Dancing With the Stars contestant also shared some intimate thoughts about the quality time she spent with Loughlin. “I had such a cute day with my mom yesterday. I love spending time with her,” Jade said. “She’s like a little angel.” There are no hard feelings after college admissions scandal between them — whatever issues there might have been worked through. 

The reaction in the comments was overall positive. Sure, there were a few negative comments, but the vibe was definitely warm. “Love seeing your momma in the vlogs. I’m so glad your fam is doing well,” one fan wrote. Loughlin is also treading slowly back into acting after reprising her Abigail Stanton role in GAC Family’s When Hope Calls last year. She also has a new film in production, Fall Into Winter, so this is likely Loughlin’s low-key coming out party to let everyone know, she’s back.

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