Malaysian Authorities Steamroll More Than 1,000 Crypto Mining PCs Worth $1.26 Million USD

Malaysian authorities have just crushed $1.26 million USD’s worth of cryptocurrency mining PCs with a steamroller.

In the Malaysian city of Sarawak, authorities seized 1,069 crypto mining rigs over the course of six raids taken place between February and April this year. The computers were confiscated as part of a crackdown following allegations from Sarawak Energy Berhad, the region’s electric utility company, that these operations had stolen roughly $2 million USD in bill payments from the company.

Since mining cryptocurrency requires a huge amount of energy, many miners often tap into the electric grid illegally in order to avoid exorbitant costs. Sarawak police chief Hakemal Hawari revealed that this year alone, three houses had already burned down due to illegal electric connections in an effort to steal electricity for mining operations.

You can check out a video of the steamrolling above.

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