Marianne: What to Know About the Horror Series Netflix Dropped on Friday the 13th

Why does Netflix insist on never letting me sleep through the night? First it fueled my nightmares with freaky TV series like The Haunting of Hill House and Slasher, and now the streaming giant has decided to drop a spooky new horror show just in time for Friday the 13th: Marianne. So, is it worth a watch? And what’s it about?

First things first: it’s a French series split into eight equally terrifying episodes and stars Victoire Du Bois in the lead. She plays Emma, a famous horror novelist who uses a nightmarish witch, Marianne, who haunted her dreams as a child for inspiration in her latest book. Unfortunately, during a trip back to her seaside childhood home, Emma discovers that Marianne — as well as other demons in her stories — might be legit, since people in her hometown have reported interactions with the evil spirit who “enters your soul.” (Thanks a lot, Emma.)

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