Mary Louise Isn’t Playing Fair in Custody Fight With Celeste

It’s been a moment weeks-in-the-making, but the back-and-forth between Meryl Streep’s mother-in-law from hell, Mary Louise, and Nicole Kidman’s Celeste over twins Max and Josh has reached its boiling point. And, suffice it to say, fans have a lot of thoughts on Celeste being slut-shamed during Big Little Lies’ custody hearing this week. Well, technically, tonight’s legal travesty was considered an evidentiary hearing to help the judge make her ruling. Still, the bottom line remains that Celeste is in danger of losing her boys — and Mary Louise is making a grab for her grandsons by using Celeste’s sex life against her. This is low, even for Mary Louise.

Unfortunately for Celeste, the judge assigned to her case had enough concerns about the wellbeing of the twins to request the evidentiary hearing. Let’s just call it like it is, though: This felt like Celeste was being put on trial. Apparently, Mary Louise had hired a private investigator to tail Celeste and, accordingly, she had put together a slideshow of Celeste’s recent sexual encounters. Mary Louise’s smarmy lawyer then lobbed a litany of questions at Celeste that read much more like accusations.

Celeste tried to explain that her sex life has no bearing on her ability to be a good parent, but the questioning continued. And, not surprisingly, the internet was not happy with this moment in BLL history.




On the plus side, Celeste managed to maintain her composure and answer the questions in a way that, to viewers at least, seemed logical and elicited sympathy. Not to mention, she flipped the script on Mary Louise at the end of the hearing. When the judge claimed she was ready to make her ruling, Celeste stood and insisted it was her right to question Mary Louise’s fitness as a parent if the boys were to be placed in her care. Hell yeah, Celeste!

The judge acquiesced, meaning we could see some real fireworks next week. Does Celeste suspect her mother-in-law of something sinister? Did she abuse Perry and his brother? Speaking of Perry’s brother, he supposedly died in an accident. Was it really accidental? What about Mary Louise’s husband? Could there be a story there? Celeste certainly has the capacity to root out something damning about her odious mother-in-law and, c’mon, we’re all looking forward to watching that woman get her karmic comeuppance.

While it’s still possible Celeste could lose her children, two things were made very clear tonight. No. 1, it’s still not okay (and never will be) to shame a woman for sexual choices or use them as some sort of bogus litmus test to qualify her parenting. And, no. 2, Celeste isn’t going down without a fight.

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