MBL Architectes and Bureau David Apheceix Pair up To Develop 'Skatepark Continua'

As part of MBL Artchitectes initiative to transform an old industrial mill into a contemporary art spot for Galleria Continua in Boissy-le-Châtel, France, the studio partnered with Bureau David Apheceix to construct a skatepark in a sea of construction remnants, horticultural plants, and wild endemic species.

The Skatepark Continua project was created to introduce and blend a community of rolling sports enthusiasts with the contemporary art scene in order to celebrate a new sense of gathering in the area.

MBL architects drew inspiration from the fluidity of skatepark designs in the 1970s on the premise of non-standard architecture. The construction of the skatepark dabbles into spraying wet concrete onto metal frames, then pulled and smoothed into preferred shapes before it sets.

Blending into its surroundings, the project is made as part of the landscape and designed as a continuous strip that connects buildings on a lumpy foundation. The skatepark mingles with the existing greenery as the curvaceous lines of raw concrete outline the lime trees, poplars, birches, and buddleias. Skatepark Continua’s shape coexists with the former landscape, creating a beautiful scenery of melding both the old and new.

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