McDonald's Japan Joins Hideaki Anno for 'Shin Ultraman' Chicken Tatsuta Menu

McDonald’s Japan is gearing up for the release of Hideaki Anno‘s Shin Ultraman and its May 13 release.

Launching is the Shin Tatsuta Miyazaki Specialty menu which is comprised of two chicken burgers and a drink lineup. The first chicken burger, the Chicken Tatsuta, features a soft chicken patty with ginger soy sauce, and cabbage with a slightly spicy sauce. The second sees all the aforementioned ingredients plus the addition of Miyazaki’s specialty chicken nanban which has the profile of onions, pickles, and black vinegar. Both are finished with a fluffy bun.

On the drinks side of things are three new concoctions: the Kumamoto Watermelon McFizz, Aomori Prefecture Fuji Apple McFloat, and the Kumamoto Prefecture Suika McFizz. Priced from ¥250 – ¥420 JPY ($2 – $3.40 USD), the full menu will release in Japan on April 20. Fans can check out the TV promo above.

In other food news, McDonald’s Japan goes savory with a Bacon Potato Pie release.
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