Megan Fox is a twisted crime boss in the first look at the Bonnie & Clyde remake

An upcoming remake of iconic movie Bonnie & Clyde is in the works – and a first look image shows Megan Fox in character as a twisted crime boss.

What do you get when you cross a Disney princess with a bloody crime spree, serial killers and a wild supernatural element? Well, later this year we’re going to find out as a modern spin on the iconic 1967 movie Bonnie & Clyde is in the works.

If you have a predilection for gritty action movies, you might recall the news last year that Megan Fox would be taking the lead in the upcoming thriller Johnny & Clyde. Based on the famous tale of two serial killers in love and on the run, the announcement let it be known that a fast-paced production was afoot, with a cinema release due in 2022.

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The casting sounds pitch-perfect – and in a new first-look image from the movie, we see Fox in character as the deliciously twisted crime boss.

In the photo, Fox sits in an oversized leather chair with her feet propped up on a desk. Breaking the fourth wall, she stares menacingly into the camera, letting it be known that she is definitely in control. Of course, this isn’t 1967 anymore, so there’s no pencil skirts or belted tunics. Instead, Fox is dressed in a corset, trousers and heels in a playfully bright colour palette. Take a look:

Megan Fox stars as crime boss Alana in Johnny & Clyde

Speaking about the movie last year, co-writer Nick Principe told Bloody Disgusting that the remake wouldn’t be a run-of-the-mill crime thriller.

“It starts off as a crime/heist picture, but once they get trapped in the cash room it’s definitely balls-to-the-wall slasher/horror,” he explained. “Instead of vampires, it’s just one big, spooky supernatural slasher.” 

Director Tom DeNucci also revealed that Fox’s character would be a “twisted” villain whose princess aesthetic belies some dark tendencies. 

“Megan Fox’s character is very dark,” he teased. “I don’t want to give away too much, but visually we wanted her to almost be like a Disney princess, but a messed up, very dark, twisted version of that. Her look is just incredible… this kind of almost evil princess character. I went into a weird kind of Disney path.”

The ensemble also stars Vanessa Angel, Bai Ling, Robert LaSardo, Armen Garo, Sean Ringgold, Brett Azar, Sydney Jenkins, Charles W Harris III and Principe.

There’s no exact release date yet, but given that Johnny & Clyde is expected out later this year, we’re sure to get more details soon.

Images: Getty; Redbox Entertainment

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