Model’s racy bikini snap leaves fans baffled over bizarre tan lines on bum

A model's racy bikini snaps have left fans baffled over the bizarre tan lines on her bum.

Professional surfer Holly-Daze Coffey, from Australia, treated her social media followers to a series of raunchy photos as she soaked up the sunshine pool side.

Wearing just a tiny neon pink string bikini, the 21-year-old straddles her boyfriend Jesse Weaver and plants a kiss on him, before climbing on his shoulders with her back to the camera.

Holly can also be seen floating in the crystal blue water as her heavily-tattooed lover admires her derriere.

She captioned one photo: "He’s a hands on boyfriend."

Although the photos got many hot under the collar, it was the unusual perfectly straight lines on her bottom that appeared to capture the attention of some of her 926,000 Instagram followers.

"Tan line not on point," wrote one.

Another said: "Confused by your tan lines lol never see you wearing a bikini bottom that matches it."

A third quizzed: “How did you get that tan line?”

Some also criticised how provocative and 'distasteful' the photos were.

"This account [has] gone way downhill," one person commented.

Another said: "I feel bad for who has to take these random a** pictures of y'all."

A third remarked: "This accounts [sic] went way downhill."

Holly has since brushed off the cruel jibes and says she doesn't entertain trolls.

She told “I ignore the trolls and if necessary I block them. They are only keyboard warriors and I feel sorry for them that they waste their time attempting to spread negativity.”

She also insisted she’s going to keep posting her racy content.

She added: “I’ll keep posting whatever photos I like. There are always 10 times as many positive comments as there are negative. The haters will keep on hating, but I am true to myself."

Holly did however keep tight-lipped over how she got the bizarre tan lines.

In 2011, Holly was named the winner of the ASR Australian Junior Surfing title at the young age of 12.

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