Mum charging kids £70 to attend son’s birthday party – and demands specific gift

If there's one thing as a parent you don't expect to be terribly expensive, it's another child's birthday party.

Sure you have to buy a present and wrap it up, but that's about it.

Or at least it should be.

One mum was shocked when her son came home from school with an invite to a go karting party which would cost a pretty penny (£70) for him to attend.

She shared all the details in a post on parenting forum, Mumsnet.

As well as being asked to provide Amazon vouchers as a present, the parent soon found herself being messaged by the birthday boy's mum asking for money to contribute to the go kart deposit, transport to the track and various other things.

She said: "Am I being unreasonable to think this is really grabby – bordering on cheeky f***ery?

"Son is at a newish school – he was so happy to have been invited to a karting birthday party – turns out the whole class were invited.

"Details were: the date, the activity, transport provided (it's an 80 mile round trip) and a request of Amazon vouchers for a present.

"In the last few weeks I've been updated with further texts asking for deposits for the karting (£20) and the remainder of the day (£30).

"THEN that was followed up by a request for £20 for the transport."

And it gets worse.

She added: "This morning she (in my opinion) has the gall to request we pack a generous picnic with ice packs and pack extra so the birthday boy doesn't have to bring anything.

"I was going to decline following the minibus request but I think this is the final straw and I'll take son and a friend karting myself at this rate."

Other mums were horrified by the money requests.

One person commented: "She essentially wants everyone else to pay for her son's birthday. No way would my child be going."

Another replied: "Definitely cheeky f***ery! Where do these people get off?"

"This is absolutely insane," wrote someone else. "I would definitely decline. Surely if you are throwing the party, you pay for everyone? She sounds cheap."

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