Mum gives old-fashioned kitchen incredible makeover for less than £50

Are you fed up of the way your kitchen looks, but your landlord isn't keen to put in a new one?

Well fear not, one mum has come up with the perfect solution for you.

A savvy woman has transformed her tired, old-fashioned kitchen into a brand new room – and all for less than £50.

In a post on Facebook, the mum proudly showed off her makeover, with brand new-looking cabinets, fresh flooring and tiles.

And she revealed that the revamp won't get her in trouble when she decides to move out of her rented accommodation.

So how on earth did she do it all?

She explained all in the Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks group.

She wrote: "When you live in a rented house and the landlord isn't very generous with updating? Take it in your own hands and do it the best you can as cheap as possible without ruining the property.

"New floor, painted cupboards and tiles (stick adhesive) all costs £50 in total."

As well as this, the mum revealed which bargain products she used for the makeover.

For the cupboard doors, she used paint from B&Q, the floor was covered in Poundland floor tiles and the wall tiles were covered with wall stickers from Lidl – which only cost a fiver.

And the kitchen isn't the only part of your home you can transform on the cheap.

A different mum, named Nicole Kelly, recently shared the way she'd redecorated her stairs – though this one probably isn't suitable for a rented home as it involves removing the carpet.

Sharing her tips with fellow bargain hunters in  Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Kelly said "My £65 staircase. Had to lift my old carpet (3 kids and a dog so it didn't last long) but it was too expensive to replace the carpet and pay a fitter, so I did this myself instead. It's so much easier to clean now."

Her secret? Adhesive stickers.

To get the unique monochrome look, Nicole picked up some vinyl stair decals from eBay saying she spent £20 in total on the kick board stickers from this this seller.

As for the stairs, Nicole got a tub of Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor paint in slate, which cost her £30 (that cheapest we found it was for  £27.16 on Amazon ), and then to make sure everything was safe and non-slippy, she also picked up a pack of transparent non-slip stair grips, also off Amazon,  for £12.90.

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