Nacon to Release New 'Robocop' and 'Terminator' Video Games

Video game publisher Nacon has just announced two new titles that’ll bring you right back to the high-octane action world of the ’80s with RoboCop and Terminator. On the RoboCop front, the new game will be a first-person shooter called RoboCop: Rogue City and brings original actor Peter Weller back to the franchise, using his likeness for the character model as well as his voice acting for the actual game.

As the game’s description writes, Rogue City will be set in Detroit where “crime runs rampant” and “the city is on the edge of ruin.” As RoboCop, you’ll have to fight crime and bring criminals to justice, becoming “the solution” to the city’s problems. Developing the game will be Teyon, the studio behind Terminator: Resistance, and it’ll be available in June of next year.

As for the new Terminator title, the game is called Terminator: Survival Project and will be a survival experience, presumably where you’ll have to fight against cybernetic machines trying to hunt you down. Nacon itself says it can’t tell us more for now, so fans will just have to wait a while for more updates to come.

Elsewhere in gaming, Ubisoft’s pirate simulator Skull and Bones is finally arriving this November.
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