Neon Money Club is Reconstituting What It Means to Be a Modern-Day Investor

Fashion Month may have already passed us by, but Neon Money Club participated in its own version of Fashion Week from October 3 to 9th with World Investor Week. Approaching finance through a new lens, the platform set out to reveal what a modern-day investor constitutes through its “Not an Investor” campaign.

This campaign goes beyond the label of “investor” to pull back the curtain and show the individuals driving the financial world. Neon Money Club wasn’t just created for investors, but rather for anyone interested in learning about the investment industry. The brand would like to reset the narrative and show that all are welcome to join the fintech community, no matter their levels of financial education, background, or status.

The fashion realm has shown many times over that culture drives trends. If we can flip clothing and kicks, why not approach the stock market in the same way? Neon Money Club is reworking Wall Street, and all individuals are encouraged to join the movement.
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