Oswalds Mill Audio’s K3 May Be the Most Engineered Turntable Ever

Oswalds Mill Audio‘s new K3 turntable may be one of the industry’s most engineered models.

Taking the company a staggering seven years to research, develop and build, OMA says the K3 is truly constructed “from the ground up”  and is a “brand new design in every aspect.” The project was achieved in collaboration with experts from Bucknell University’s Engineering and Physics department, and features cutting-edge technology and materials that set apart the K3 from other turntables on the market.

Featuring a cast-iron chassis, the internal space carries hollowed-out chambers filled with a “special liquid” which works in tandem with an oversized platter to significantly reduce vibrations. The rest of the turntable utilizes materials such as hypo eutectic or gray iron with high graphite content, and both the chassis and the futuristic armboard are coated with a smooth ceramic finish. To top things off, the motor used within the K3 taps into components typically reserved for military and space exploration use.

For those interested, you can learn more over on Oswalds Mill Audio’s website.

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