People Are REALLY Loving Jim Hopper's Hawaiin Shirt on Stranger Things Season 3

People Are REALLY Loving Jim Hopper’s Hawaiin Shirt on Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things‘ third season is jam-packed with romance, lots of mystery, adorable new friendships, and perhaps the most disgusting monster our favorite Hawkins residents have faced. But another detail is grabbing viewers’ attention: Jim Hopper’s (David Harbour) Hawaiin shirt and jeans. Jim dons the bright and colorful ensemble for a special occasion, and it’s a far cry from his sheriff uniform that we’re all used to.

The peach and mint green colors of the short-sleeve shirt with the light-wash denim bottoms make for a cool Summer look, and quite a few people are already trying to find the top online to purchase (some have even ordered Eleven’s colorful romper from Target). Not to mention, Jim does pull off the outfit rather well. Sure, we love a man in uniform, but a man in a cuffed, pastel Hawaiian shirt? Oh, it’s over — cue the wedding bells! Keep reading to see some of the best reactions to Jim’s tropical look.

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