Players are Already Cheating With Aimbot and Wallhack on 'Halo Infinite'

The free-to-play multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite only launched a week ago, and some have already found ways to cheat, ruining the experience for other players and fans of the game.

As shown in the video down below, renowned Twitch streamer Douglas “DougisRaw” Wolf recorded his own gameplay during an online match. When looking back at his encounters, the footage clearly shows an enemy using aimbots and wallhacks to find where enemies are before they appear and immediately acquire their target on the players’ heads, giving him a fail-proof kill.

DougisRaw isn’t alone either. Players all across the globe are finding these cheats in their matches more and more frequently, with a user named KanoxHD also posting a video of being eliminated by another gamer using aimbot over on Halo Infinite‘s subreddit.

343 Industries has long said that the game will need an anti-cheat system to prevent hackers from abusing the game, but so far there aren’t any clear details or plans revealing exactly what the studio is and will be doing to combat these exploits.

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