Show Us What It's Actually Like To Be Pregnant

Pregnancy is wild. You’re literally growing a human (sometimes even more than one!) inside your body.

And let’s be real: the experience can be super rewarding yet exhausting.

So we want to show people what pregnancy is really like. For you, maybe that means having to adjust to your body’s changes.

“My face broke out with hormonal cystic acne so bad, and I had cravings for all the worst food. But I got an awesome table I got to carry around with me!”


Perhaps it’s simply a before-and-after pic, like of your swollen feet.

“Pregnancy feet vs. normal feet.”


Maybe you went through something a little more uncommon, unusual, or serious with your pregnancy (after all, every experience is different).

“My pregnancy immunity was so compromised that I ended up with pneumonia when I was 30 weeks pregnant and was hospitalized for a week.”


Or maybe you have a picture and story that’s a little more humorous, which showcases your pregnancy brain or a weird food craving you fell in love with.

“Pregnancy brain. I caught myself just before I brushed my teeth with deodorant instead of toothpaste. Oops!”


We want to see your pictures that highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly of pregnancy. Upload your photos (and tell us the story behind them!) in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!

“Being so nauseous you can’t brush your hair. Rats nest ensues. Mom has to help brush out the mess!”


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