Singer Wang Leehom's toned body is an instant hit among fans

Mandopop singer Wang Leehom can expect his latest body of work to be a hit.

But this time it is not his music but his toned body that his fans will sing the praises of.

Posting a photograph which was used on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, Wang wrote on Instagram: “After lifting six times a week, for a year and a half, starting to see some results.

“What do you guys think? Should I get bigger? Is this too much?”

The Taiwanese star, 43, also cheekily asked whether his revamped image would get his wife’s attention.

But he has conceded he is weak in one area – his command of Chinese.

He recently revealed he had to consult a dictionary “more than 300 times” when writing songs with Taiwan rockers Mayday frontman Ashin.

Maybe all that dictionary lifting helped to build his biceps too?

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