Snap Unveils Its Fourth-Generation Augmented Reality Spectacles

Snap has just unveiled the latest generation of its augmented reality glasses, named Spectacles.

Much like its third-generation predecessor, the new glasses have been designed with content creators in mind, but this time round they carry built-in augmented reality features, giving them the ability to “realistically ground digital objects in the physical world.” Two cameras allow the glasses to tap into your environment visually, while four microphones, two stereo speakers and touchpad controls round out the device. The augmented reality experience is then projected through the “dual 3D waveguide displays.” Unfortunately for most of us, the new Spectacles aren’t for sale — at least not yet. Snap has teamed up with a range of content creators and artists to test the new glasses and will be providing more creators with them later on upon request.

On top of unveiling the new Spectacles, Snap also revealed several new features for its social media platform Snapchat. Users will soon be able to tip different content creators within the app by sending “gifts.” Once the value of those “gifts” accumulates to more than $100 USD, creators will be able to cash out. Snapchat is also expanding on its “scan” feature, now launching a new “Screenshop” function which will recommend a variety of apparel once you “scan” an outfit, linking you to various online stores to purchase them.

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