Snøhetta Unveils Design for New Landmark Innovation Hub in Bangkok

Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta has revealed the design for a new innovation hub in the upcoming CyberTech district of South Sukhumvit in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok. Developed by MQDC, a Bangkok-based property developer, the ฿40 billion THB (approximately $1.14 billion USD) project is based on the concept of “Empowering Creators,” serving as a new 254,000 m² (2,734,000 square-foot) landmark looking to grow the country’s creator economy and herald in the future of the city.

“The entertainment industry is now in a transitional period because of fast-evolving technologies. Content creators thus are going to have a bigger role to play and significantly drive the entertainment industry via the Creator Economy trend,” says Onza Janyaprasert, Project Director of Cloud 11 in a press release. “That’s why we have developed Cloud 11 as Asia’s largest hub for content creators based on an ‘Empowering Creators’ concept. Cloud 11 will be the most comprehensive ecosystem for content creators thanks to our collaborations with both local and international partners. We have turned a new page in history because Cloud 11, as a content creator hub, will be a theme property project dedicated to the content industry.”

Cloud 11 also looks to respond to local initiatives for sustainability and livability, providing 24-hour access to vast areas of green space in a city that has one of the lowest amounts of public green space per capita in Asia. The building is designed to integrate both pocket parks as well as elevated gardens connected to a large central lawn which will act as an urban lung and a tranquil space for all to enjoy.

“We have had the opportunity to not only create a building, but a new neighborhood in the center of Bangkok,” says Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Founding Partner of Snøhetta. “An urban artifact providing a thriving place for culture and creation and green public spaces that will improve the quality of life for people living in the South Sukhumvit area. With an increasing number of people moving into urban areas, it is crucial to develop communities fit to accommodate the needs of the future cities in a sustainable way, both socially and environmentally.”

Cloud 11 will be split into seven zones including Creative Office and Studio Space, Hybrid Retail, Smart Hotel and Lifestyle Hotel, Education, Cultural, and Public Space. Hybrid Retail includes a fulfillment center and a Cloud Kitchen supporting food creators that don’t yet want to invest in opening their own restaurants, meanwhile education institutes include universities, research centers, and incubation facilities.

Two “world-class hotel chains” will launch in Thailand for the first time at Cloud 11 and cultural centers include e-sports and concert halls. The location will also be easily accessible through public transport with a BTS skytrain station located just across the street.

Cloud 11 is expected to complete towards the end of 2024. More information can be found on the Cloud 11 and Snøhetta websites.

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