Stephen Colbert Schools Trump On His ‘Tiny Fraction Of Death’ Comment

Math apparently wasn’t the president’s strong suit.

As coronavirus rates increase for young people, Donald Trump was asked on Monday if that fact gives him any pause about schools reopening.

Apparently, it doesn’t.

“It may be a case, but it’s also a case where there’s a tiny fraction of death,” Trump said during a press briefing. 

This flummoxed “The Late Show” host, Stephen Colbert. 

“What?!” he asked on Wednesday’s show, trying to comprehend what came out of Trump’s mouth. “A ‘tiny fraction of death’ is still death. That should not happen at schools.”

The comedian then joked about how unappetizing a school bake sale might be if brownies also came with a “tiny fraction of death.” 

Later in the segment, Colbert talked about Trump hosting an event called “Kids First,” which apparently focused on getting children safely back to school. 

“I want to point out, he didn’t say anything about getting them safely back home,” Colbert said.

Watch the video below:



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