The 7 Best Oscar-Winning Songs From Disney Movies

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If you spend time with young children, surely you’ve noticed they tend to develop a deep attachment to the word “again.” Play hide and seek, again. Make macaroni and cheese for dinner, again. Watch that same episode we’ve seen 300x, again. Yes, we all know repetition is a powerful learning tool, but we also know too much of the same thing makes adults want to…let’s go with, step away from children? We’ve all been there, no judgment. While there are countless categories ripe for repetition, one stands out as the most painfully irritating to adults — the request/demand to “play that song again!” And again. And again. And…oh you get it.

Working off that assumption, it’s a safe bet you’ve heard one song more than any other on repeat for months everywhere you go because it’s truly been inescapable. Heck, I don’t have kids or Disney+ and even I know it! Maybe you still love it. Maybe it’s grating on your nerves. Maybe your feelings about it depend on the day of the week. Wherever you land on the like or dislike scale, there’s no denying that even though I haven’t mentioned the song’s title, just because we don’t talk about “it” doesn’t mean we don’t know what I’m talking about. Yes, of course, “it” is the global number 1 smash “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from the Disney film Encanto.

There is a reason why “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has been everywhere, and we mean everywhere. It’s the undeniably potent Disney magic. From the start, Disney movies have known that if you include beautiful, funny, instantly hummable songs in your film, the audience will be hooked. Walt Disney said it best himself, “There’s a terrific power to music. You can run any of these pictures and they’d be dragging and boring, but the minute you put music behind them, they have life and vitality they don’t get any other way.” Ain’t that the truth.

With the 94th Annual Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards, aka the Oscars, coming up, we thought it might be fun to look at a category Disney has dominated time after time with the Best Oscar-Winning songs From Disney movies. For those keeping score, Disney has had 42 songs nominated and walked away with 14 wins. And while “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” isn’t nominated this year (that honor went to “Dos Orugutias”), it’s still a winner of a song and the latest entry to the deep canon of Disney.

Read on for our favorite Oscar-winning songs from Disney movies below.

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