The family chaos in the hilarious trailer for new BBC comedy Here We Go feels all-too relatable

Hilarious new BBC comedy series Here We Go chronicles the ups and downs of the Jessop family – and the new trailer teases plenty of chaotic adventures.

We don’t know about you, but if there’s a TV show, film or documentary that accurately depicts the messy, hilarious realities of life, then it’ll always rank highly on our watchlists. From turbulent relationships with parents to chaotic romantic entanglements, there’s nothing quite like a painfully honest show to make us feel seen as we muddle through the modern world. 

So when we caught word of a new TV series delving into the differences and dysfunctionalities of a modern British family, we knew it’d be worthy of our attention.

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According to a brief synopsis from the BBC, those challenges range from the mundane and relatable, such as changing careers, keeping the romance alive within a marriage and adopting a healthier lifestyle to the kind of misadventures that pass into family folklore: kidnapping a dog, destroying a swimming pool and sabotaging a wedding.

Here We Go: the new BBC comedy series follows a year in the life of the irrepressible Jessop family

If the series sounds familiar, that’s because Here We Go is the follow-up to an initial pilot episode that first aired in 2020.

Titled Pandemonium, the show introduced viewers to the Jessop family, who were attempting to cope (or, to be more precise, not cope) with lockdown life.

Having filmed his family’s disastrous attempt to carve out a holiday in the midst of the pandemic in the pilot episode, the new series sees youngest son Sam continue to document the Jessop family across the year. 

Moving back and forward in time, each episode offers “an intimate, observed and absurd exposé of a modern British family doing its best to support each other, if accidentally annoying everyone else in the process”.

Here We Go: the new BBC comedy series follows a year in the life of the irrepressible Jessop family

There’s sure to be plenty of belly laughs in the series too, as the cast features a host of stellar actors. They include Gavin And Stacey star Alison Steadman, who plays Liverpudlian grandma Sue Jessop, the mother of hapless Paul, who is played by Ghosts’ Jim Howick.

Katherine Parkinson (Humans, The IT Crowd), plays careers advisor and Paul’s long-suffering wife Rachel, while Tom Basden (Plebs) who created and wrote the series, plays Rachel’s brother, Robin Hankey, who has a troublesome on-off relationship with his high-maintenance former fiancée, Cherry Lee-Dixon (Tori Allen-Martin). 

Tori Allen-Martin (Unforgotten, London Kills)plays Robin’s self-obsessed and domineering on-off fiancée Cherry, who cheated on Robin with her fitness instructor, Hugo. 

Here We Go: the new BBC comedy series follows a year in the life of the irrepressible Jessop family

Elsewhere, Rachel and Paul’s sarcastic teenage daughter, Amy Jessop, is played by Freya Parks, while Maya, played by Mica Ricketts (Vera, Bulletproof), plays Amy’s girlfriend. 

Jude Morgan-Collie rounds out the cast as Sam Jessop, who wields the camera for much of the series as he records his family for a project.

The series, which airs next week on BBC One, has just released a trailer giving viewers a glimpse into the chaotic adventures that lie ahead for the Jessop family. Take a look:

Here We Go will air weekly on BBC One from Friday 29 April and will also be available as a box set on BBC iPlayer.

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