This Italian City's Orange-Sized Hailstones Will Freak You Out And Make You Never Want To Leave Your House

You know how sometimes it rains so hard that your umbrella flips inside out and the insides of your rain boots get wet?

Well imagine that, but times 10. In Pescara, Abbruzzo — a region just a little northeast of Rome — this past Wednesday, residents experienced a freak hailstorm with hailstones THE SIZE OF ORANGES.

Residents are calling them “ice bullets.”

I’m stressed just looking at ’em.

And honestly, the local media is not exaggerating. They really are the size of oranges, if not grapefruits.

Mother Earth MAD.

Up to 18 people were seriously injured.

…parking lots and cars were flooded.

…and windows everywhere were shattered.

One resident said she hadn’t seen anything like it in her 62 years of living in the region.

“If the hail hit your head, I’m certain it would’ve opened it up like a watermelon,” Assunta del Rosso told a local paper.

Is… Is this the apocalypse?

Based on the gravity of the situation, the president of the regional council declared a state of emergency.

Though, as they said, there’s only so much their fire department can do until the rain stops. Thanks, climate change.

Life is cancelled for everyone in Pescara, Italy.

And this is after Europe’s week of hellish temperatures. OOOOOOFFFFF.

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