TVNZ Breakfast gaffe: Melissa Stokes bursts into laughter as Indira Stewart walks into shot

TVNZ’s Breakfast host Melissa Stokes had to control fits of laughter on air this morning.

The newsreader and presenter struggled to keep her composure when Indira Stewart accidentally walked into shot.

Speaking through giggles, Stokes told viewers “normally I would just ignore it, but it was quite like ‘dum-dee-doo’,” she said, imitating how Stewart had walked behind her on camera.

“I’m so sorry!” Stewart told Stokes.

But the blunder didn’t end there. After the Breakfast hosts including John Campbell laughed with Stokes about the gaffe, she introduced the next segment with Professor Graham Le Gros – and had to turn to her colleagues to check the pronunciation.

“Anyway so we’re waiting for Professor Le Gru, she says. Le Gros?” she queries.

Later in the programme, Campbell brought up the blooper again.

“I loved you walking through the back of the shot,” Campbell told Stewart, who still appeared apologetic about the error.

Matty McLean offered her some words of compassion: “We’ve all done it,” he said.

But Campbell wasn’t quite so forgiving: “I never have,” he said. But McLean challenged his recollection, loosely threatening to cut together a five-minute montage of his mistakes.

“I have to say when I first started, I had no idea where the cameras were and what was going on,” Campbell admitted.

Stokes reflected on the incident on her Instagram stories and poked fun at the blooper.

“Love a visitor during the news,” she wrote.

The presenter appeared on the cover of NZ Woman’s Weekly last week and opened up about her struggles with anxiety, parenting, and her mother’s health.

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