Watch the Unboxing of the Ultra-Rare 'Warhammer 40K' Metal Thunderhawk Gunship

YouTube channel Squidmar Miniatures has just taken fans of Warhammer 40K down memory lane with the unboxing of the very rare Thunderhawk Gunship.

The full-metal build was the most expensive at the time, priced at $649.99 USD in 1997, and was just limited to just 500 units. Weighing a staggering 22 pounds (better be playing on a sturdy table) the Thunderhawk Gunship was made from 204 pieces. Still one of the most sought-after items, the Warhammer 40K Thunderhawk Gunship can be found today for around $7,000 USD on auction sites.

The host goes on to unpack his newly sourced Thunderhawk Gunship, revealing the handmade wooden box that the ship came packaged in along with its certificate of authenticity. While the Gunship has been released in more modern times in a plastic version, it has since been dethroned as the most expensive/largest Warhammer 40K miniature — like the two-foot-tall $1,510 USD Warlord Titan Body which requires you to purchase the head, arms and carapace weapon systems separately.

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