What Type Of Festival Goer Are You Based On Your Festival Habits?

  1. In a luxury yurt

    In the same tent I use every year

    Camper van

    In a tent I borrowed from my friend

  2. Hand sanitizer

    Portable charger

    Portable speaker

    Inflatable mattress

  3. Mankini


    Tie-dye T-shirt

    Bucket hat

  4. Plan your day around all the bands you need to see

    Queue in line to take a shower

    Plan your outfit for the day

    Crack open a drink, it’s time to get lit!

  5. In the mosh pit!

    Right at the front trying to get the best pics

    Sitting on a blanket at the back

    Side stage, you’re friends with the drummer

  6. Instant noodles all weekend

    Something fresh and fairly healthy

    I’m spending my money on beers

    The most Instagrammable-looking food I can find!

  7. Warm cider

    Box of wine

    Gin and tonic

    Craft ale

  8. I’ve got my waterproof, rain isn’t gonna stop me!

    Find the nearest hill to belly slide down

    Go back to my tent and wait out the rain

    Hang out in the VIP bar

  9. Get some beauty sleep

    Sit around the campsite telling stories

    Go to the silent disco

    Play drinking games

  10. Cry

    Use one of your rehydration sachets that you packed

    Grab another beer, hair of the dog and all that

    Grab a smoothie

  11. Going to one of the artist’s secret DJ sets

    Getting in the car, I’m going home!

    Resting up so I’m ready to travel home in the morning

    Via Getty Images

    Dancing the night away – the festival isn’t over yet!Via Getty Images

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