Woman shamed for shopping in Waitrose with ‘tattoos out’ has very sassy response

It's no secret that in today's society, people are more critical than ever.

But one woman was still shocked when she was called out on her appearance in a supermarket – right after she'd generously helped the very same person.

Katie Brian claims to have been shopping in Waitrose in Essex, when an older woman asked her for help reaching a rack of ribs on a high shelf.

She obliged and retrieved the product, before turning to give it to the woman.

Naturally she expected a thank you, but the reaction she received was very different – and very rude.

Writing in a text message to her husband, Katie explained the shocking situation.

She said: "So basically a lady came over and asked me if I could reach rack of ribs from top shelf as she couldn't find any member of staff to help.

"So I was like yeah, sure, then I gave it to her.

"And then she went 'can I say something', expecting her to say thank you.

"And she said I was dragging down the standards of Waitrose walking round with my tattoos out."

So Katie says she did the first thing that came to mind – she reached into the woman's trolley, plucked the ribs out and put them back on the top shelf before walking away.

She added that the woman began "huffing and puffing" after this.

Her husband Matt, shared a screenshot of her messages on Twitter where they have since gone viral.

More than 81,000 people have liked the post, applauding his wife for her actions and branding her a "boss".

One person replied: "That's hilarious. Who the f*** says somehting that rude right after asking someone for help…"

Another commented: "A TATTOO IN WAITROSE?!?!?!?! *monocle pops out*"

A third added: "Absolutely stunning scenes."

"Bad manners drag down society, not tattoos. Oh and a sense of entitlement too," proclaimed a fourth.

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