WWE 2K23 promises 24 DLC superstars plus one manager throughout the summer

A new DLC pack containing new playable wrestlers for WWE 2K23 will launch every month until August, bringing the total roster up to 207.

2K Games had already laid out the entire roster of playable wrestlers in WWE 2K23, which is slated to launch in just over a week’s time.

Post-launch DLC was always a guarantee, though, and the developer has now unveiled the full roadmap of additional WWE superstars and when they’ll be added to the game.

There’ll essentially be a new batch of DLC every month after launch, up until August, with 24 wrestlers spread out across five packs.

The first pack will only include four wrestlers, with its fifth addition being Briana ‘B-Fab’ Brandy as a new manager, meaning she won’t be playable.

Every subsequent pack, however, will consist of five wrestlers, with some highlights being three-time former World Champion Bray Wyatt (who was conspicuously absent from the base roster), 2022 WWE Hall of Fame inductees Scott and Rick Steiner, and first-ever three-time WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres.

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