You Can Now Commemorate Jeff Bezos' Space Trip With a Miniature Phallic Rocket

A new miniature model has surfaced and it is all about celebrating Jeff Bezos‘ grand day out to space.

A 1/66th working scale model of Blue Origin‘s New Shepard rocket is now available for collectors and fans alike. When Jeff Bezos made his trip to space, it was a spectacle not to have been forgotten. While many had their own preservations and some even considered it a colossal waste of time, billionaires like Bezos himself, see it as a feat to celebrate. When Bezos first announced his trip, many comedians were quick to poke fun at the phallic shape of the rocket. In July, Jon Stewart’s teaser trailer for his forthcoming Apple TV+ series showed that space billionaires like Bezos were the butt of the joke.

Estes Rockets are behind the miniature model, but it is important to note that Estes also sells various other rocket models that are also equipped with little ballistic packs that allow it to fire into the air. The Blue Origin rocket costs $69.99 USD on its own, but for $109.99 USD those interested can purchase a full starter set that includes a launch pad, controller and a pack of single-use engines.

The rocket launches on November 1 but are available for pre-order now. Check it out at Estes Rockets.

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