You Need to See These Celebs' FaceApp Old-Filter Photos

Within a matter of hours, it seems like everyone we knew had posted artificially aged, wrinkled photos of themselves — with highly entertaining results. It was only a matter of time before we turned our attention elsewhere, however: And now, FaceApp old filter photos of Beyoncé and other celebs are slowly taking over the internet. After all, today’s celebrities refuse to show visible signs of aging as is (Nicole Kidman, tell us your skin secrets!). It seems only fair that we should get to see what they might look like in 50 years if they were mere mortals like us. The results are alternately terrifying and hilarious, with the best photos being posted by celebrities themselves.

The celebrities who posted their own old filter photos are clearly delighted with their “transformation,” cracking jokes and proving they don’t take themselves too seriously. “Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted,” James Marsden wrote on his filtered post, complete with salt-and-pepper hair. “Grandpa Wade huh,” Dwyane Wade wrote under his. Kevin Hart seems pretty pleased with how he’ll be looking in the future: “Strong ass old man face and upper body,” he captioned his filtered photo. Others are taking the opportunity to look into the future. “Me hosting #MasterChef Season 50,” Gordon Ramsay captioned his FaceApp tweet. “Fixer Upper Season 252,” Joanna Gaines jokes on an old-filtered photo of her and husband Chip.

Other celebrities opted not to share take the #FaceAppChallenge — but luckily, an Instagram account has been created for the sole purpose of old-filtering celebrity photos and posting them for our enjoyment.

And of course, someone had to try it out on our favorite ageless wonder…

Fine, they didn’t actually use the filter. But we bet the real thing looks pretty close. Ultimately, what we’ve learned from this is that celebs are just like us: addicted to their phones and happy to hop on whatever silly photo trend comes next. With results this fun, we can’t blame them.


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