Zooey Deschanel & Jonathan Scott Shared an Inside Look at Their Newly Renovated Dream Home — See Their Family-Friendly Touches!

Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott have renovated their dream home that they’ve dubbed “the Park House” and it’s just as magical as you might imagine. In the summer issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal, the sweet couple revealed all of the painstaking work they put into making their residence picture perfect.

Calling the house “special,” Deschanel shared how they lovingly attended to every feature in their home. “It was really hands-on for both of us,” she explained. “Many Saturdays, we sat searching for the right details to add to this home.” The historic property was built in 1938 by architect Gerard Colcord, so it was important to Scott “to pay homage to the architect and what was intended with the property.” That’s exactly what the couple did when you take a closer look at how complete this renovation was.

Deschanel looks absolutely timeless practicing her music on the grand piano, which was a thoughtful housewarming gift from her boyfriend. “One of my favorite things is coming home to Zooey playing music,” he explained. Besides her harmonious tunes, the room showcases the restored elegance in the dark wood molding with the natural light streaming in from the gorgeous windows.

The home renovation pro also made sure to make their outdoor space as important as the interior of their home. “Jonathan knows whether an idea is practical or not,” the New Girl star praised him. “And he knew just how to turn this patio on the asymmetrical side of the house into a solarium. It’s now Scott’s “favorite room in the whole house” because it now features an “elegant glass ceiling, a fountain, olive trees, and a balcony that connects to each bedroom.”

Of course, there are always setbacks when it comes to restoring an older home, including eliminating “two choppy additions in the ’70s and ’80s, the home no longer functioned well by current standards,” according to Scott. The dynamic duo also endured a pandemic that brought about supply-chain issues that plagued many other homeowners over the last two years, but they finally made it work.

Deschanel and Scott now have the home of their dreams, one that is perfect for them and the actress’ two children, daughter Elsie Otter, 6, and son Charlie Wolf, 5, from her marriage to Jacob Pechenik. “This is a house that suits our tastes and needs, aesthetically and functionally,” Deschanel gushed. “Jonathan is so amazing at figuring that out. He’s been doing it for his clients for so long, and now he’s done that for us and our family.” They can finally say they are home sweet home.

The new issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal, available on newsstands, on Amazon, and online now.

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