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NOTHING says Christmas quite like hanging up your Christmas stockings.

A tradition for centuries, the best Christmas stockings are both a festive interior statement and the perfect container for a handful of cute treats.

Christmas stockings have been around for centuries – immortalised in literature in Clement Clarke Moore's famous 'Twas The Night Before Christmas poem with the line: 'The stockings were hung by the chimney with care' – there's more than a little magic in the act of picking and hanging your stockings.

While the ritual used to consist of hanging an ordinary sock on a bedpost or above a fireplace, over the years it’s evolved into the Christmas stocking we know today – a larger-than-life sock designed in a whole host of festive ways.

It's still as much of a treat discovering the small gifts that fill your stocking as it ever was and some say it's even more exciting than revealing the big presents under the tree.

These days, the look of a Christmas stocking can reflect their owners' interests – Harry Potter or unicorns for example – or differentiate between the multiple children in a family (one gets a snowman, one gets a reindeer, one gets a penguin etc.).

They can be personalised as a special keepsake for children to treasure year after year as they grow into adulthood, or you can get matching ones for the whole family, including the pet pooch.

While you can always go the handmade route and knit your own stocking, we think you’re busy enough come Christmastime, hence our edit of different styles, fabrics and price points.

We've rounded up XX of the best Christmas stockings and all of them are guaranteed to keep the magic alive.

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