12 best microwaves of 2021

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There are three different types of microwaves on the market, and they are: solo, grill, and convection.Solo microwaves are the most basic, and usually most affordable, type of microwave. They are great for day to day reheating and defrosting but don’t come with all the bells and whistles of more expensive models.

Grill microwaves are quite like solo microwaves, but they come with a specialised grill plate you can use when you cook.

The grill enables you to cook food more evenly, with enhanced taste and texture when compared to a solo microwave.

Finally, convection microwaves are the top-tier option. What makes convection microwaves better than regular ones is that it combines the quick-working functionality of normal microwaves, with the more comprehensive cooking of a traditional oven.

Convection microwaves use a fan to create movement in the air that heats up the microwave from the inside out, so you can ensure your foods are being cooked thoroughly instead of just quickly.

What kind of microwave should I get?

This depends on a few things, for starters: budget.

If you want something cheap and cheerful that is adept at simple reheating tasks, go for a solo microwave.

If you want something midrange, go for a grill microwave, and if you’re willing to splurge go for a convection.

If you’re running low on space make sure you check the size of the appliance especially when you’re shopping online, as some microwaves are made for large kitchens and will end up taking over a decent chunk of your counter.

On the flip side, if you have a big kitchen and are cooking for a large family, opt for a big model that will be able to heat multiple servings at once.

For more specific insights into your microwave match, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best microwaves for all kinds of lifestyles and needs in 2021.

Best microwaves for small kitchens

Beko MOF20110X 20 Litre Microwave

Designed specifically for smaller households and kitchens, this appliance will not take up too much space on your kitchen counter.

The easy to use control panel makes heating and defrosting food a breeze, and helps you cook quickly and hygienically.

Key specifications:

Capacity: 17L | Wattage: 700W | Dimensions: 32.6 x 45.1 x 25.6 cm | Colour: Black

Best combination microwave


As mentioned in the intro, combination microwaves can usually be counted on to be the best of the best – and if you’re willing to invest, this Samsung microwave will make you happy and well-fed for years to come.

The wide grill allows you to cook food evenly, distributing heat so that food is toasted, browned, or grilled to perfection.

If you’re used to microwaves making your food a bit soggy, the humidity sensor within the device ensures food is cooked perfectly without becoming soggy or dry.

Key specifications:

Capacity: 17L | Wattage: 700W | Dimensions: 32.6 x 45.1 x 25.6 cm | Colour: Black.

Best built-in integrated microwave

BOSCH Serie 4 BFL523MB0B Built-in Solo Microwave

Some modern kitchens have space built into the walls for their microwave to slot into – saving them space on the kitchen counter and looking very chic at the same time.

This integrated microwave from BOSCH comes with seven auto cooking programs and will slot straight into your wall with its contemporary design.

Five power levels and specialised inverter technology ensures your food is cooked evenly from top to bottom, no matter if it’s a solidly frozen meal or something that just needs a quick reheat.

Key specifications:

Capacity: 20L | Wattage: 800W | Dimensions: H26.2 x W45.2 x D32.5 cm | Colour: Silver

Best microwave for defrosting

Dunelm White and Copper Microwave

This uber-stylish white and copper microwave is a stylish home accessory just as much as it is a functional kitchen device.

The appliance has been designed with larger households in mind and comes with five heat settings as well as a specialised defrost setting.

The large size and handy defrost option makes it a great choice for families who like to freeze meals to get them through the week, as you won’t have to rely on the kids to remember to take the meal out of the freezer as the microwave will do the hard work for you.

Key specifications:

Capacity: 20L | Wattage: 700W| Dimensions: 45.1cm x 35.9cm x 25.7 cm |Colour: Silver

Best grill microwave

Bosch HMT72G450B Serie 4

Get crispy, perfectly cooked food in a flash with this freestanding Bosch microwave with a built-in grill.

The removable grill rack gives you the ability to cook a range of food to perfection, while also using the microwave as it is traditionally used – to both reheat and defrost.

Key specifications:

Capacity: 17L | Wattage: 1000W | Dimensions: 35.1 x 46.1 x 29.0cm | Colour: Brushed stainless steel

Best microwave for corners

Hotpoint MWH1311B Xtraspace Curve

Some kitchens have extremely limited bench space, or maybe you need something that will tuck into the edge of the bench in your camper van. Either way, this microwave by Hotpoint can help.

The unique design and curved back are designed to fit right into a corner to save worktop space, and the multi-wave technology ensures you get great food in a hurry.

Key specifications:

Capacity: 13L | Wattage: 700L | Dimensions: 36 x 35 x 39 cm | Colour: Black

Best microwave for families

Sharp R959SLMAA

The large size, high power, and versatility of this microwave make it a perfect match for busy families who want to be able to cook tasty, nutritious meals without a whole lot of effort.

This oven is unique in that it can be used as a regular microwave, grill, and convection microwave, giving you a huge amount of versatility and freedom with your meals.

Families can be messy, but the stainless steel interior of this device is supremely easy to clean and the turntable is dishwasher safe, saving you time and effort.

Key specifications:

Capacity: 40L | Wattage: 900W | Dimensions: 37 x 55 x 54cm | Colour: Silver

Best microwave under £50

Russell Hobbs RHRETMM705B

Finding a good microwave for under £50 is difficult, but not impossible. This device by Russell Hobbs is best for small kitchens as it takes up limited space.

The five microwave levels and defrost setting enable you to tailor the device to suit your needs, and helps you make tasty, well-cooked meals in minutes.

Even if there’s a little spillage while cooking, the interiors are easily wipeable and the removable glass turntable is dishwasher safe so you can clean it with ease.

Key specifications:

Capacity: 17L | Wattage: 700W | Dimensions: 36.6 x 45.1 x 25.6cm | Material: Black

Best microwave under £100

Samsung MS23K3513AK Solo Microwave

This modern, all-black microwave will add a touch of coolness to your kitchen design.

One drawback of microwaves is that if you cook something pungent, the smell can hang around for days on end.

This device comes with built-in deodorization capabilities, so it can eliminate lingering odours and leaves the interiors smelling fresh.

Key specifications:

Capacity: 23L | Wattage: 1150W | Dimensions: ‎55.6 x 42.79 x 33.9 cm | Colour: Black

Best microwave under £150

Panasonic NN-SF464MBPQ

Supremely powerful and with a large capacity, this microwave is perfect for large families as it will be able to quickly cook your food to a high standard.

18 auto programmes help you figure out how best to cook your meal, and the five power levels can alternate between defrosting to thorough cooking.

Key specifications:

Capacity: 27L | Wattage: 1000W | Dimensions: 32.6 x 52.9 x 43cm| Colour: Silver and Black

Best microwaves for the blind and visually impaired

Talking Microwave Oven

For the visually impaired, working a microwave isn’t as easy as just pressing a few buttons.

This microwave makes things easier by saying the functions and cooking times aloud so you don’t have to be able to see the microwave to work it. You can also add three ‘favourite’ settings so you won’t have to fiddle with the settings every day, which will make it easier and quicker to use.

Key specifications:

Capacity: 25L | Wattage: 800W | Dimensions: 51 x 28 x 37 cm | White and black

Best microwaves for the elderly

Russell Hobbs Black Solo Manual Microwave

Clear, distinct lettering and easy to use dials make this microwave a breeze to use for the elderly, as they will be able to cook a variety of meals without having to fiddle with a modern microwave with a lot of hard to use bells and whistles.

The powerful defrost setting also allows you to pop food straight from the freezer into the microwave, which is perfect for elderly people who tend to buy frozen meals they can stock up with.

Key specifications:

Capacity: 17L | Wattage: 700W | Dimensions: 32.6 x 45.1 x 25.6 cm | Colour: Black

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