15 YouTube Pranks That Push The Boundaries

YouTube has become a platform for people to broadcast themselves straight from their smart phones. There are 300 hours of video uploaded every minute and 4.95 billion videos viewed every day so the appeal to rise to YouTube stardom is massive. It seems like every person who has a clever idea shoots a video with the hopes of it going viral, but only a small percentage have broken through to the masses.

Prank videos have become a popular trend that has evolved into a competitive job, making YouTubers reach into their imaginations to create situations that will have you gasping for breath from uncontrollable belly laughter. Once a person gains exposure from their videos, they gain subscribers and monetize their content with advertisements provided by YouTube.

The top YouTubers get good money from the enormous amounts of views their content generates, so they have an incentive to keep putting out new, edgy videos. Some of these videos are controversial and might offend some people but most have responded positively due to the comic relief they find from the day to day grind. I have outlined below a list of the most popular pranks on YouTube counting down to the number one spot of most extreme prank on YouTube.

15 Leggings/Yoga Pants Prank (FouseyTube)

FouseyTube had a friend that told him he had no clue how hard it was to be a girl in leggings or yoga pants due to the amount of oafish men who blatantly stare at their ass. He put her theory to the test by buying women’s leggings and then pretending to get something in the trunk of his car in a parking lot. He bent over with his upper body mostly hidden and his legs straight and ass noticeably sticking out. Men would walk by and rubberneck at his derriere propped up until he would swiftly turn around and interrogate them about staring at his butt. One guy admits to Fousey after being called out, “Yeah…you have a nice ass.” It is a prank that most guys would never want to fall victim to but pondering the possibility of it happening is quite amusing.

14 Pie and Run (theCHAIZYchannel)

Chaizy is toeing the line on this prank where he boldly takes cream pies and plants them in the face of random people and then runs away. He nonchalantly walks up to a Jacuzzi where two men are relaxing and having a conversation. After throwing his glasses in the air he stuffs the pie in one guy’s face and proceeds to do a cannonball in the Jacuzzi. The man is dismayed and after a split second of shock he slaps Chaizy’s back and yells at him to get out while Chaizy is already fleeing from the situation. From a third person perspective this can either be very funny even though as he continues to pie people and run it makes me wonder what I would do if I were the person being pranked. I think I would react similarly to half the people who would run after the little punk. The cream blocks their vision so he’s able to get away which is hard not to laugh at.

13 Dynamite Prank (Jalals)

Jalals is a channel that some say is promoting the idea of Islamophobia through their contentious pranks. One guy in the Jalals trio takes a fake dynamite stick and lights a long wick as he is dressed in what is supposed to represent Middle Eastern clothing. He runs up to a parked car that someone is sitting in and opens the driver’s side door, throws the stick inside, and then runs as if the car is going to explode. The poor bastard in the car opens the door and scrambles for his life over the sidewalk stumbling, probably throwing prayers up in desperation. Another guy is handed a stick of dynamite and instinctively grabs it and chucks it in the air. He turns around and runs ten yards to find another one of the Jalals holding another stick of dynamite! If you don’t laugh I understand because they are pulling risky pranks for views, money, and laughs.

12 Terrorist Bomb Prank (Jalals)

The Jalals have taken a huge risk with their pranks and I can definitely see how it can be offensive, but if you watch this video you can try to stifle the bubbling mirth but it will be difficult. They have a bag while dressed in their regular attire trying to imitate terrorists. Civilians are approached and are literally terrified when the Jalals throw a bag at their feet and jet away for cover. Their initial reaction is to get far away as fast as possible. Ethically it doesn’t seem right but it is hilarious.

11 Ghost on Segway (Jalals)

The Jalals have made another spot on this list with a prank where one of them dresses up as a ghost on a Segway with a white gown that drapes over it making it look like they’re floating. They glide towards their victims with their arms out in a Frankenstein style. They pass one guy on a treadmill who they see through a gym window and he nearly shits his pants and falls off! Another encounter is with a couple that are walking when the Segway ghost slides up next to them to take them by surprise and the man quickly reacts with a solid punch to the face. It knocks the ghost down and is almost satisfying to see the prankster get instant karma delivered to him.

10 Grand Theft Auto Prank (KenPranksTV)

This prank has a previous prank attached to it where KenPranksTV is getting revenge on his girlfriend. He stops at a fast food restaurant and tells her that he is going to bring her something back while she stays in the car. After he leaves he has his Russian friend who is wearing a ski mask hop in the car. The girl is caught off guard and the horror of an impending kidnapping envelops her. She is paralyzed from the intrusion and the Russian accomplice demands her to get in the backseat and be quiet! She obeys his orders even when he tells her to lay down and her distress is tangible. It almost seems like it’s cruel until the driver gets out of the car and is replaced with her boyfriend. He acts as if nothing happened and the girl has a moment where she doesn’t recognize him. Then she does and her disorientation becomes cautious laughter and finally a realization that her boyfriend has gotten his revenge!

9 Extreme Fight Me Prank! (Cody Persin)

Cody Persin has racked up over 18 million views on a video where he acts like he is talking on the phone to someone he has beef with. He stands next a random person on the street and says into the phone that he has a somebody who has his back describing the guy he’s next to. The guy is confused as Cody gets off the phone and asks if he would “get his back” when a “small white kid shows up.” The guy laughs and agrees to help him out but all of the sudden a whole clan of big dudes are seen walking trooping their way. They surround both the prankster and the pranked with multiple guys grabbing each of them. It looks as if a beating is coming for both and finally spontaneously start laughing and reveal that it was only prank.

8 Shampoo Prank (HoomanTV)

HoomanTV is one of a few YouTubers who have delivered the “shampoo prank” to the internet. He waits for the right moment at public showers next to the beach to pour shampoo into the hair of people washing off. It is has been replicated by other people but Hooman has the most popular videos and has even made seven separate videos dedicated to dispensing most of a shampoo bottle in people’s hair. One starts getting frustrated and grunts, “What the hell….what’s…goin on here!” In another video with the same prank, Hooman squeezes shampoo from the top of the showers onto two girls where one believes the other is doing it to her. She starts getting increasingly frustrated at her friend who is bewildered by the accusations.

7 Boner in Public (AverageBroTv)

AverageBroTv is one of many people who have tried this vulgar experiment where he attempts to hit on girls with a fake boner in his pants. This is definitely not a video for everyone and I’m sure there are a lot of people who think it’s offensive. Well, it is. However, the world of YouTube is at a level of competition where bold ideas prevail. He took the step to follow through with it and he gained the most attention for this particular prank. It’s pretty obvious what the “social experiment” is about but I will detail one encounter that is comical. He meets a mother and daughter and asks where good eateries are nearby and the daughter is receptive at first. Then he pops his boner gizmo and when she notices she lets out a small shriek of astonishment. She laughs with no offense taken and asks her mom in a cute way to get her away from him!

6 Job Interview Part 1 and 2 (Ed Bassmaster)

Ed Bassmaster has plethora of characters and one is Teste, a slang talking doofus who frequently makes random clicking noises. He goes to a job interview with his parole officer (Jack Vale) who tries to vouch for him but Teste keeps confessing his slacker habits, especially how he always falls asleep on the job. He eventually pulls out a 40-ounce beer and is reprimanded by his parole officer who then takes a few swigs of the booze! One of the employers is in on the prank while the other in awe of the things coming out of both Teste and the parole officer’s mouth. Teste is being obstinate and wants the employers to tell him why he can’t drink beer on the job. It’s quite entertaining.

5 Meteor Prank (LG)

LG hosted an interview where applicants sat down with the interviewer sitting behind a desk. Behind the desk is an Ultra Reality LG TV that played realistic backgrounds of meteors flying towards them. There was a machine that generated earthquake simulations and which made for a very realistic prank. The people being interviewed would feel the tremors and see the virtual meteor seemingly crashing right outside of the building. Their reactions are priceless and this has to be one of the best experiments ever conducted in terms of pranks. A man feels the earthquake and the petrified look on his face is palpable, and then he curses and staggers backwards. The women are equally if not more filled with imminent doom as they see the realistic meteor streaking towards them.

4 Friday the 13th Pranks (Jay Karl’s Pranks)

Jay Karl takes scary pranks to a new level when he dresses up as Jason with the mask and machete. He first goes up to a young couple at a pond who are fishing at the end of a dock. He waits until the boy notices his ripples that are very close to the dock. As he’s leaning over with his girlfriend Jay Karl explodes out of the water and the boy jolts back, knocking his girl into the water! He looks out for his own life though and doesn’t even look back to see if she’s ok! Next, Jay goes to a portable restroom that someone just occupied. He scrapes his machete over the door around to the back, causing the man inside to ask him to stop. He comes out to see a man with a machete and is scared shitless, jumping right back into the restroom.

3 Snowman Prank (The Scary Snowman/Jay Karl’s Pranks)

This prank is pretty hilarious. The Scary Snowman terrorizes passersby on the streets of Boston while wearing an exterior that looks like a Christmas decoration. People get close to it and just as they begin to inspect it, the snowman abruptly moves and sends a shockwave through their central nervous system. Some people leap backwards startled, while others instinctively throw a punch at the snowman’s head! One guy plants a good right hand to the living decoration and knocks him over. An older gentleman looks like he’s about to have a stroke and tells him “Don’t ever do that again!” However, he did laugh afterwards and the majority of the encounters were good spirited, making for a prank that can be enjoyed by anyone. This makes the number three spot!

2 Miami Zombie Attack Prank! (VitalyzdTv)

This is prank I personally love, especially after the Miami Zombie incident that happened with Rudy Eugene gruesomely eating the face off of Ronald Poppo. This must have been terrifying as this prank took place not long after the real thing. Now with over 31 million views, VitalyzdTv dresses up as a zombie making grunts like a savage and growling while he lopes after his victims. He moves like a characters from horror films and keep in mind this was all done in a neighborhood where violence is ubiquitous. One guy is even seen pulling a gun out and pointing it before running. He crawls up to a pick-up basketball game where he moans like a possessed creature and begs for help. The players evaporate after one guy throws the ball at him. This has made the number two spot!

1 Explosive Lamb Prank (Jalals)

Jalals has earned the number one spot with the explosive lamb prank! This is literally hysterical; if you don’t find it funny, again, I understand, but it really is nearly impossible to not laugh at this. He drops off a lamb with a fake bomb vest strapped around it and the people disperse like a hooker trying to get out of church. The lamb is a friendly little guy too! He just wants to socialize and play and runs after the people fleeing for their lives. One guy slows down to look back and the lamb is running full speed after him and the guy stumbles trying to run backwards. He falls and scrambles to get up, racing so he can see another day on Earth. I would probably be horrified if this happened to me but I wouldn’t say this prank is “anti-peace” and divisive like some people have claimed. They might get shot and apparently it has happened before to another YouTuber, but as a viewer I appreciate the comic relief. In my book it’s a solid number one.


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