3 of the ‘most flattering’ hairstyles and how to create them at home

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Express.co.uk previously revealed several flattering hairstyles that “complement all ages”, but recreating the looks at home can be tricky, especially if you don’t have salon-quality products. Dr Jeni Thomas PhD, a Principal Scientist for Pantene, shared step-by-step guides for each hairstyle and the best products to use to guarantee the style lasts throughout the day or night. 

Dr Jeni said: “With party season upon us, we all want our hair to be styled beautifully and looking it’s most flattering. 

“In saying that, heat damage created through styling can cause an unwanted damage cycle, the more you heat style your hair, the drier and more damaged it becomes meaning it takes even more styling to get the look you are trying to achieve. 

“We’ve been working tirelessly to create a collection of styling products packed with nutritious goodness that provides ultimate styling freedom without the guilt of damage concern. 

“With the Pantene Styling Collection, the hair looks are endless but here is how you can recreate this season’s trending styles.” 

70s Bouncy blow-dry with bangs

The bouncy blow-dry inspired by the 70s is back and women of all ages are stepping out with this classic hairstyle. 

The style features a long middle-parted mop with lots of layers, and the aim is to create as much volume as possible. 

There any many benefits to layers, not only do they add interest to a hairstyle, but as women get older, hair starts to thin, and layers create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. But keeping the definition of layers can be hard. 

Step one: Apply the five-in-one Pre Styler to your hair and comb it through. This is an important step in protecting your hair from heat damage and laying a good foundation for the style you want to create.

Step two: Apply Perfect Volume Mousse to your hair before blow-drying it flowing down with a round brush or roller.

Step three: Use the Ultra-Strong Hold Hairspray to keep layers around the face in place. 

Step four: Complete the look by using the Forever Glow Finishing Oil to add shine to the hair. 

Super sleek high ponytail

Also known as the instant facelift, a super sleek high ponytail is said to open the face, and emphasise the eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones.

As a bonus, pulling the hair into a ponytail can visually elongate the face and overall silhouette making you look a little taller. 

Step one: Apply a pre-styler to your hair before pulling it into a ponytail. This will provide a good base to help you shape the style you want.

It’s also a good idea to add volume (by way of dry shampoo or hairspray) to help the hair stay in place throughout the day. 

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Step two: For the perfect placement, aim for the centre of your crown with the ponytail visible from the front but still comfortably falling behind your head and not spilling off to the side. Once your ponytail is in place use the Ultra Strong Hold Hairspray for a strong hold.

Step three: Complete the look with the hairspray. You can use a small soft hairbrush, or an old clean toothbrush to smooth out any small flyaways to ensure the hair is as sleek and smooth as possible. 

The key to pulling off this ponytail is to look younger, not girly, so you want to avoid any messy flyways.

Step four: Once the ponytail is fastened, cover up the hair type with a strip of hair that you wrap around the base of the ponytail, and fix with a bobby pin.  

Mermaid waves

It’s no secret the glam mermaid waves on the red carpet are a far cry from the real-life results you’d get after spending a day on the beach. 

But there are several ways you can create the mermaid/beach waves at home; from letting your hair dry naturally if it’s slightly curly, to giving it a helping hand by plaiting your hair when it’s damp, or by using a wave wand. 

Alternatively, if your hair is naturally curly, pull the hair down gently whilst it drys to loosen the wave out. 

To ensure the waves last, there are a couple of products to consider using. 

Step one: Apply a pre-styler to your hair and comb the product through. This will provide a good base to help you shape the style you want.

Step two: Using a mousse, scrunch it through your hair and then apply the Natural Curls Styling Cream.

Step three: Leave hair to dry naturally, or plait it, or use a wave wand and then complete the look with finishing oil.

You don’t want to be too perfect or precious with this style, it’s all about creating that undone, natural feel. 

Pantene’s products range in RRP’s from £5.25 to £9.99 but are currently on offer at Boots.

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