A Peek Into OBJs Lavish Lifestyle: 12 Ways Odell Beckham Jr. Earns And Spends His Millions

Odell Cornelious Beckham Jr., a Louisiana native, comes from a family of athletes, which kept him inclined to sports since he was a child. OBJ was drafted into the New York Giants in 2014 and had a record-breaking rookie season, unlike any other wide receiver in the history of the NFL. The athlete also featured on the coveted football magazine Madden NFL 16, and stands as the youngest person to have this honor. He then transferred to the Cleveland Browns in 2019. OBJ’s athleticism and talent have landed him several deals and brand endorsements over the years. Beckham has also expanded his portfolio by making intelligent investments outside of the football world, which have earned the 28-year old a brilliant $25 million net worth.

Apart from being a great Athlete OBJ is also a great businessman and has turned every part of his life from sporting endorsements to social media platforms into a revenue streaming medium. These significant earnings have led him to spend millions of dollars on his lifestyle and creating new ventures. Let’s take a look at how Odell Beckham Jr. earns and spends his millions.

12 Earns: NFL

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The only rookie to eclipse over the 1,000 yards mark five times, Odell Beckham Jr. has solidified his place in the NFL. According to Market Watch, OBJ has a $15.7 million salary for his 2021 NFL season, the eighth-highest for a wide receiver. He makes $981,200 per game.

11 Spends: A Stunning Car Collection

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OBJ’s garage holds a range of luxurious cars, from a Matte black Mercedes CLS 63 AMG to a customized Rolls Royce Cullinan in a striking orange color. The athlete is also reported to own a Lamborghini Huracan, and Ferrari F12.

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10 Earns: A Hefty Nike Deal

Nike made the biggest NFL deal with Odell Beckham Jr. when a five-year $29 million contract was negotiated in 2017. While the contract was still at the $29 million mark, it was expected to increase to $84 million for eight years based on the bonus incentives.

9 Spends: Real Estate

Apart from living in Drake’s YOLO home, Beckham Jr. has a lovely property of his own in New York. According to River Valley Realty, his three-story home is located in Hudson County and spans across 3,529 sq. ft. with gorgeous views of Manhattan from the open terraces around every corner.

8 Earns: Daniel Wellington

OBJ made headlines after sporting a $2 million Richard Mille watch on the field during an NBA game; however, when choosing a branding partner, the athlete chose a newer Swedish brand, Daniel Wellington. The actor has modeled $200 watches for the company.

7 Spends: Incredible Shoe Collection

The Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver has an absurd number of shoes in his collection that occupies a giant room in his home. OBJ once gifted customized cleats made from goat hair to Tom Brady in 2019 after a Browns v Patriots game.

6 Earns: Brand X’s Co-Founder

Beckham partnered with Dr. Nisha Joackson, a gynecologist and hormone specialist, to launch Brand X, a vitamin and supplement company. The supplements will help people increase their focus, recovery, and sleep schedules. The accessories start from $60 on the website.

5 Spends: Body Maintenance

During the docu-series I Am More: OBJ, the wide receiver admitted to spending $300,000 on body maintenance during the off-season. He wishes to keep his body in shape to play the game for a long time. He spends money on chiropractors, massage therapists, trainers, track specialists, and doctors, as noted by Business Insider.

4 Earns: Dunkin’ Branding

Odell Beckham Jr. and Rob Gronkowski teamed up for a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial to prove their sports rivalry remains only on the field. As the most marketable player in the NFL, it was a smart move from the brand and garnered much attention.

3 Spends: Philanthropy

The wide receiver is quite known for his charitable donations. In 2016, after his home state of Louisiana was flooded, OBJ donated $500,000. A year later, he made a donation of $100,000 to the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. The athlete also rushed through 250 selfies in 20 minutes to raise money for local food banks.

2 Earns: Instagram Sponsoring

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Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the most influential NFL players on Instagram. Beating players like Tom Brady, OBJ earns $58,699 per post on the popular social media platform with a following of 14.5 million, while Brady is on the second spot with 10.2 million.

1 Spends: E-sports

The NFL wide receiver loves gaming. As stated by Front Office Sports, he channeled his love into spending money for a gaming-focused platform called eFuse, which raised over $6 million from investments from different athletes. While the start-up is still on the crux of getting launched, it will surely give positive returns to OBJ.

Odell Beckham Jr. still has many years as a professional NFL player ahead of him, and it won’t be a surprise to see the athlete catching some of the most iconic catches soon. His increasing performances will surely earn him several endorsement deals to add more millions to his fortune.

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