Almost A Billion: Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Shall Reportedly Generate Around $900 Million In Impact Value

Just over a month after the release of Squid Game last September 17, 2021, the series has reached 82 million households. The series cost around $2.4 Million per episode, which is way less than the costs of episodes of other Netflix big series such as Stranger Things, which costs $12 Million per episode, and The Crown which costs $13 Million per episode. This sums up the total costs of $21.4 Million for Squid Game which made the series a winning investment for the company.

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People seemed to enjoy the unique plot of the series as a brutal game where losers die. All the players in the game are in a huge amount of debt, and their cash prize of millions is the motivation for the players to keep on playing the game. Contestants of the game will play random kids games, and those who lose will then get killed.

Netflix has reported that about 89% of the people who started watching Squid Game have watched the series for at least 75 minutes. Bloomberg reported, on the other hand, that about 66% of the viewers, which is about 87 million people, have finished watching the series in less than 23 days of it being available on the streaming app. Netflix has grown its market share intensively at the start of the pandemic 2020 since people were locked in their homes with nothing much to do. However, the company was not affected much by the lifting of restrictions worldwide this year, and people seem to have stuck around to enjoy their services.

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Netflix initially refused to comment about their financial growth after the huge success of Squid Game which was revealed to the public by Bloomberg. However, after some time, they released a statement through their attorney representing them and told the people at Bloomberg that they do not discuss the financial status of their company with people outside their company, and these data are only available to people within their company.

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Source: Bloomberg, CBCN, NBCNews

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