Amazon customer terrified to find 3,500 audio clips saved on her home devices

A woman was terrified after discovering Amazon had held thousands of audio files from her smart devices after requesting her personal information from the company.

The TikTok user, who goes by the name, reviewed the online retailer's privacy policy and found out that she could submit a request to access her personal data.

"I'm not totally comfortable with everything they have," she said.

In the clip viewed 2 million times, she claimed she has two Amazon Dots and one Amazon Echo and she requested "Alexa and Echo Devices" from her Amazon account.

About a week later, she received an email attached with zip files.

"I decided to click on the audio one and see what they have," she said. "These are all short voice clips, which is so scary, and this is of me saying turning on the lights," she scrolls up and down the show the number of recordings in the file.

"There are 3,534 short audio clips in this file. I then clicked on contacts and they have a full list of contacts on my phone and I never remember syncing that.

"The very last thing that I didn't know that they had, I could have assumed that they had but I don't love that they had, is the location."

She points the cursor to the "geolocation" file, saying: "This csv here will tell you exactly where your Alexas located."

The apparently discovery stunned the thousands of people who saw the clip.

"What did you expect when having those devices? That they wouldn't need your voice, location, etc? That's literally how they work," one asked.

A second wrote: "Sounds like some people need to understand a little more about technology before they click the 'agree to terms and conditions'."

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On Amazon's Manage Your Content and Devices page, customers can grant or revoke location permissions in the Alexa app, or delete geolocation history associated with their account at any time.

A spokesman for Amazon told Daily Star: "We give customers transparency and control over their Alexa experience.

"Customers can easily review and delete their voice recordings, or choose not to have them saved at all, at any time.

"Customers can import their mobile phone contacts to the Alexa app so they can use features like hands-free calling and messaging; this optional feature, which customers need to set up, can be disabled at any time.

"Finally, you can grant permissions for the Alexa app to use certain data, such as your mobile device’s geolocation, to provide relevant results (e.g., weather, traffic, restaurant recommendations), and you can manage these permissions in the app."

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