Amazon Prime's With Love Normalizes Latinx Romance With Holiday Cheer

Let’s face it, love and the holidays just go together. Why else would we have all these cheesy Christmas romance films? There’s just something about winter nights and sparkling lights that screams “go cozy up with someone you love.” But unfortunately, when looking at the narrative of romance and Christmas, there are going to be some problems. Think The Holiday or Love Actually, which feature largely (or entirely) white casts and a straight, Anglo definition of love. In films like these, we find men and women, alone in their individualism, trying to find someone to make a new, tiny nuclear family with (and often repeating tired gender dynamics along the way).

Thankfully, that’s starting to change. This year, we saw not one but two made-for-TV Christmas movies staring Latina lovers — Lifetime’s Holiday in Santa Fe and CBS’s A Christmas Proposal. We also got more LGBTQ+ content, thanks in part to Single All the Way. But my favorite this holiday season is With Love. Amazon dropped the series by Gloria Calderón Kellett on Dec. 17, and it’s been a bright spot this holiday season ever since. Calderón Kellett was the force behind One Day at a Time, and she brings the same warmth and compassion to her latest endeavor, a cross-generational holiday romance that follows one family for a year through their relationship highs and lows.

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